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One of my primary goals in teaching English and Literature is to infuse the love for the English language in others and to cultivate the love of writing, Literature and reading. It’s the primary reason I want to teach and will be the primary focus within my teaching.

Since acquiring my degrees, a B.A. in English and an M.A in Humanities (emphasis in Literature) having and raising my two boys became the intended focus. I love being with them and since I didn’t have the chance to get my foot in the door of teaching, I began to do what I love just as much as teaching: writing.

Currently, I own and maintain a couple of blogs, I’m a regular contributor for an online magazine called Society Letters, I’ve self-published a middle-grade work of fiction, I’ve edited many manuscripts for other writers. I’m in the middle of the whole gamut of using my English degrees for writing. But, it’s time to add to my resume. And teaching is it.

While raising my sons is fulfilling, I’m finally in a position to acquire what I started out to do fifteen years ago.. After completing this class, plus four other classes within University of Wisconsin, Stout, by the end of this year I will have received a graduate level certificate in E-learning and Online teaching that will further my opportunity for my love to teach English to online students. While this is my goal, to teach students in the online forum, my certificate may facilitate me in possibly teaching at the University I once attended and graduated from, California State University, Sacramento -- or at various other colleges here in Northern California.

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Course profiles:E-Learning for Educators January 2016 Modules 3 - 4
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