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I am an empty-nester, getting ready to launch a new career in higher education as an instructional designer.  I’m hopeful that my life experience so far, together with the E-Learning and Online Teaching certificate from UW-Stout, will help me get there!

What path led me here?

After graduating from college and prior to starting a family, I was able to combine two professional interests, higher education and computer software, by working at Sallie Mae in the systems group.  My favorite part of the job was traveling to college campuses to install and train financial aid officers on our PC-based loan origination software.  This was back in the 1980s, so for some users, it was their first exposure to PCs of any kind.  I really enjoyed both the problem-solving and the teaching aspects of that position.

After leaving work to be a full-time parent, I became involved in numerous parent and community groups, and always tried to make each organization more effective and efficient through technology - digitizing member data and record keeping, moving written newsletters, communications and financials online, developing websites and social media, and so forth. For me, this wasn’t work, it was fun!

In the fall of 2015, my youngest was off to college.  That was when I became involved in volunteering - and eventually, mentoring -  at our local community college.  The more I learn about community colleges, the deeper is my appreciation for the important role they play in the lives of individuals and in our society.  This has become an area of not only personal but professional interest for me.

As a 50-something embarking on a new career path, I hope to bring with me a wealth of skills and problem-solving experience, plus the empathy, humility and perspective that deepen as we journey through life.  For more information on my professional and educational background, please visit my my webpage profile.

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Course profiles:E-Learning for Educators January 2016 Modules 3 - 4
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