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Module 5 is Now Open--Back to D2L!
by Maggie Rouman - Friday, January 29, 2016, 12:35 AM

Midterm: We're half way there. It goes fast, doesn't it? (If you haven't completed your Midterm Survey please do so now. You're feedback is much appreciated! I'll take your comments as formative feedback. I hope to use your ideas to make the course more effective.)

I am impressed by the group collaborations in Moodle the past two weeks. The teamwork experiences of Modules 3 & 4 give you a taste of the complex interactions, frustrations, and insights of working with your peers 'at a distance'. I hope the lessons learned will be incorporated into your professional practice. Let's say goodbye to Moodle for now. You can come back once the class is over and continue to play and examine all of Moodle's features. Moodle with be open to you for at least a year. In the meantime.... We're back in D2L!


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Moodle: fond farewell; facilitating online discussions question
by Mike Odom - Friday, January 29, 2016, 7:43 AM

Hi Maggie,

I was not a fan of Moodle at first, but I've changed my tune. I'm glad we experienced some of its survey and quiz features, which are easier to use than some of those I've tried in Sakai, my university's LMS. Admittedly I'm still very much a beginner there as well. But Moodle does seem to have a better "complete package"-approach and more intuitive navigation and simpler process to set things up for student use.I can see how it might be a very helpful supplement to my course's Sakai website.To learn more, I found Wikipedia on Moodle and Moodle's homepage gave me some of Moodle's fascinating open-source history and worldwide development. I 'm glad we have so much more time to explore this Moodle site. 

As for the "complex interactions, frustrations, and insights of working with your peers 'at a distance,'" it was an eye-opening experience to work from the teacher's side of the screen. I look forward not only to incorporating those lessons into my job but also into our remaining discussion board time. I start the Collaborative Communities course at the end of February. Am I right in thinking we'll be getting more experience in faciliting online discussion in that course? The reason I ask is that as I finish up the revised syllabus and plan for how my web-enhanced media law course will work as a hybrid course this fall, I'd like to include a note about what I'll be learning in that key online-teaching skill in the coming months— through early July when I'll complete the e-learning and online teaching certificate program.


Mike@Point Clear, AL


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Response in D2L
by Maggie Rouman - Friday, January 29, 2016, 9:47 AM

Thanks for your question, Mike! I saw your question in D2L and posted my response there.


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