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Here is the bio info I already use with my current online students:
I am Assistant Professor Hunter. I have been teaching for almost ten years. I am a dedicated teacher, and I will work hard to help you achieve success.

Professional: Associate's in General Education, IRSC; Bachelor's in English Literature, FAU; Master's in Curriculum and Instruction:Reading, FAU; I have been teaching College Prep English and reading for almost ten years at IRSC. I also worked in the Academic Support Centers as a tutor and then as the curriculum specialist for English and reading, where I created and implemented IRSC's first Writing Center. I am a dedicated educator.

Personal: I was born and raised until I was 12 in New York, but I do love Florida living. Every now and then, the New Yorker in me emerges, usually when driving. I have two children: a son, just two years old, and a baby girl who I just had in November of 2011. I now know being a full-time working mother is one of the most difficult, but rewarding, acts a woman can do. I am beyond busy! However, that being said, I love both jobs. I enjoy reading, listening to music of all kinds, and spending time with loved ones. I love the beach and most things involving nature. I have been happily married since 2008, although I met my husband when I was in high school. We were best friends turned into a married couple! I cannot imagine my life without my family and close friends. Faith is important to me, and I see hope in every day. I am motivated and passionate when it comes to matters important to me. As your instructor, I hope you are equally motivated to achieve success. Never hesitate to contact me to help you along the way.

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