Dennis OConnor (EDUC 760 901 FA 12)

Dennis O'Connor

My name is Dennis O'Connor. After 25 years in the traditional classroom I made the leap to full time online work. I quit my teaching job and jumped in with both feet. It was just the right thing to do!

I started Wiredinstructor while working for Connected University. I was also a grad student in Cal-State Hayward's Online Teaching and Learning program where I earned my Onlinw Teaching Certificate and my first online master's degree. At this time I met Kay Lehmann and Datta Khaur Khalsa, my colleagues at UW-Stout. 

I currently teach the E-Learning Practicum for our program.  I am also the program advisor for the certificate. Other duties include managing social media presence using tools like and Facebook.

As a reviewer for ISTE, I have done intense product review work with small teams in real time and time shifted virtual environments. These are true team work at a distance experiences. We have used phone conferencing, email, Wikis,Moodle and D2L to coordinate our work.

I'm interested in Moodle as an alternate to the expensive academic course management systems. It is every bit as powerful as commercial systems, and much less expensive because it is an open source program.  I've taught with Blackboard, WebCT, eCollege, eTudes and D2L as well. I've used Moodle for my personal development projects as well as an alternate CMS for the UW-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching Program for many years.

The variety of Moodle tools and email notification of Forum posting very useful. Moodle appeals from both a philosophical and financial point of view. A technically inclined teacher can host a Moodle site and administer classes providing a rich online learning experience for all.  Institutions can work with professional hosting companies or train their own support staff to handle the LMS. Moodle experience should be noted on the resume of anyone looking to work online.

I look forward to learning with you all. Feel free to email me at  I'm here for you.

Dennis O'Connor, San Diego CA.

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