April Kirkwood (Mathers-Fall 2013)

Back cover of book, The Endless Season

Hi everyone:

I am an extrovert over 45 years old and new to online teaching.  I have not taught for three years and I it brakes my heart each fall when the school buses headed out and I'm not trailing behind them to get there on time.  So, here I am entertaining the idea of perhaps teaching online.  I have certification in English and guidance.  I have been in the field of education for over twenty-four years.  I presently live in Ohio where I grew up six months a year and the other cold, blisterly months in sunny South Florida.

I am so lucky to now be able to pursue my passions (which are many) but two of which are writing and doing radio.  I presently have a radio show that is now going public.  www.hotlinewithaprilk.com.  I have two masters in counseling and love music so I figured, why not mix them together.  I had a successful radio show when I was younger with Cumulus Radio.  I also have a book hopefully out this winter.  It is all exciting but none more challenging than technology.  

I love teacup yorkies, Roxie is the co-producer of Hotline.  After all, dog is God spelled backwards.  I got her when my daughter, Dana, (also an educator) went away to college and she got upset at the thought having bows in her hair.  Roxie doesn't mind the bows at all.  Thank goodness.

 I love spirituality and have some very interesting friends, shopping, dancing, pilates, bike rides, the breeze in my face, and the sun on my back.  I love the field of counseling and if I had to do it over, I'd be a shrink or a movie star.  LOL  Crazy I know.  Quite frankly, I'm more eccentric then crazy.  But I come to almost anything I'm called.

I am a lover of life and am glad to be here together on this journey.

Miss April Lynn and her student/co-producer, Miss Roxie

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