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You Tube and Vimeo are two of the Web 2.0 video hosting sites that can be used by anyone and posted onto any web page.   Take a moment to join and become familiar with the two hosting sites.  Basic sign up is free on both sites.

If you’ll remember from our Module 1 reading: “Stress Reduction,” tip number 6 was to “If possible, go outside at least once per day and notice the simple things such as weather, scenery, etc.”  

During our on-line courses and educating, it can often be difficult to find this time to get outside.  Watching this video, “Murmuration” by Liberty Smith and Sophie Windsor (which can be found in both hosting sites) helped to provide the outside nature break I have needed.  It promoted an awe-inspiring sense of wonder and nature right on my laptop!

sun rays

Oh, NO!  The outdoor-world as we know it has just been DESTROYED!  Our group is now forced to live in a society that is completely restricted to indoor-living, with only one video of the outdoor world to keep as a memento!

It is your task to find the ONE video that will aid in the outdoor-relaxation process that is no longer available for our sane survival as a group!  

To begin your task, search between the two video hosting sites, Vimeo and You Tube, and choose a video that you feel creates the best sense of outdoor relaxation.  Post your video link into our discussion group telling:

  • What the title is
  • Who designed it
  • How the audio and video affects transmitted a sense of outdoor relaxation in you
  • Why you feel YOUR video should be selected as the one memento of the outdoor world that we get to keep!

After viewing your group members’ video selections, you need to respond to each member by:

  • Providing a comment or two about their video choice
  • Respectfully defending why YOUR video should be the selected video to preserve the sanity of our restricted “indoor-world” group!

I hope you have a relaxing time!

Naomi O. @ Wisconsin

Last modified: Wednesday, September 25, 2013, 11:15 AM