How to add a web link to your post

Teaching Tech  Tip:

Have you wanted to know how to make your words link to a  website?

Here's what you do:

  • Type the word you want to link.  
  • Highlight whatever word you would like to turn into a hyperlink.  
  • Go up to the little icon that looks like a chain link in the editing tools above, and click the link on the left.  Here is a picture of the chain link tools: Hyperlink Pic   The button on the left creates a link, the one in the middle is what you choose to break or remove a link, and the last one prevents a link from being created.  
  • Once you have selected the link button, you will add the URL address into the correct line.  
  • For the "Target," you typically select "open in a new window," so that viewers don't lose their place in their current web page.  
  • For the "Title," you retype the words you want in the place where the hyperlink will be connected.  (These are the same words you typed and highlighted to begin with.)  
  • You can just ignore the "class" section.  
  • Then, you press "insert" and you are done!
Last modified: Friday, July 19, 2013, 5:17 PM