Dennis O'Connor
Diigo Help
by Dennis OConnor - Thursday, June 7, 2012, 7:48 PM
Diigo Help
Diigo is new for many (maybe all) of us, so lets' get collaborative on learning to use it! If you have a question, post it here. If you can provide an answer, reply here. I've given us a little jump-start by adding some links to some Diigo Help, targeting specific Diigo Tools. These links were originally authored by Jennifer Carrier Dorman. Check out her blog by clicking here: Cliotech.

To post new questions, click on "Reply" immediately below these links. To offer help, or suggestions, to the questions of others, click on the "Reply" immediately below their question. In Moodle, this type of forum is called a "Single Simple Discussion." Moodle has different choices for discussion formats, but the advantage of this type of discussion is that it will keep this post and the "How-To" and "Flash Tutorial" links at the top of the page.

All of these links will open new windows, or tabs, depending on your browser, so you'll have to use your browser controls to get back to Moodle.
• Bookmarking ~ How-To Guide
• Bookmarking ~ Flash Tutorial
• Highlighting ~ How-To Guide
• Highlighting ~ Flash Tutorial
• Sticky Notes ~ How-To Guide
• Sticky Notes ~ Flash Tutorial
• Managing Bookmarks ~ How-To Guide
• Lists ~ How-To Guide
• Groups ~ How-To Guide
• Groups ~ Flash Tutorial
• WebSlides ~ How-To Guide
• Messenging ~ How-To Guide
• Dashboard & Watchlist ~ How-To Guide
• Site Communities ~ How-To Guide
• Discover New Content ~ How-To Guide
• Widgets & Tools ~ How-To Guide
• Friends & Contacts ~ How-To Guide/Friends
• Friends & Contacts ~ How-To Guide/Meet People