Re: Critical Thinking
by David Cook - Sunday, July 20, 2014, 10:29 PM


The technology piece has been a double edge sword for me.  Sometimes I find a great place online to use as a supplement to what the students are learning in a unit or lesson, but then I fear that it decreases critical thinking.  

Example - I have a unit on businesses, one lesson is on the type of business  NonProfits.  There's a few awesome site where students can find information on a variety of NonProfit organizations.  I've tried to write great questions on the worksheet that accompany the web activity, but often I receive pretty bland and unthoughtful answers in return. 

I ask this not at all as the expert - how do we make sure that the technology doesn't become the opposite of critical thinking, and just have students trolling the internet for information like we sometimes had teachers who made us skim through textbook chapters for information? 

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