Re: Collaboration -A 21st Century Skill
by David Cook - Saturday, July 19, 2014, 6:07 PM

Bloom's APPLYING stage strikes me as the place to draw a line because I sense that education activities that focus on application will lead more to long-term memory than the previous two combined. 

To give an anecdote from my weekend - I'm tring, for the first time, do install baseboard trim in my house.  Three different people told me at the outset - "measure twice, cut once".  I remembered each time somebody said it that I'd heard it before.  didn't really understand at first, but then got the jist of the point.   And then, low and behold, the 4th piece of trim I cut, I rushed the measurement and was 3/4 of an inch short.  For white trim, that is a big gaping hole.  And it was that poor cut that left me short of painted baseboard, so I had to stop all my progress and get out the paint again and prep another piece to cut.   The application taught me the lesson that will stick with me for decades. 

In terms of digital community, application is requires some activity beyond simply reading or writing a prompt, it requires people to consider how the knowledge relates to their unique situation.  For that reason, I'll cite MOODLE.  (is that allowed?)   We as students don't use Moodle to learn, remember, or understand, we use it to apply what we've learned and discuss that with others.  Just like in this example, our direction from Kerri was to read a prompt, make an application, and post it here to a community.  I think this is getting a little meta, so I'll end here. 

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