Dennis O'Connor
Switich to Student Role when taking assessments
by Dennis OConnor - Wednesday, February 12, 2014, 7:50 PM

If you switch to the student role you can take assessments from the student point of view. This is the way to go!  See it from your students Point Of View

To switch roles go to the setting area on the LEFT side of the page and click Switch role to...

When you're done remember click again to return to your normal role. You'll need to turn editing on again too if you need to edit.

Just noticed a small change on our page.  There is now a Tab on the LEFT side of the page that says Settings.  Click this tab and you'll see the image below.  (I'm not sure how this Tab appeared, but I suspect that since we all have teacher level access to this space, someone clicked someting! 8-)

Also, regarding quizzes, when you take a quiz in student mode you'll see everthing a student sees, you'll see your score, error feedback messages, whatever the author decided for their quiz. However, your scores will not be recorded.  This is because we are both teachers & students in this environment and poor Moodle's databases just can't handle it!  

Even though your scores aren't recorded, offer feedback to Quiz authors! Tell them what worked, and where you might have been confused.

~ Dennis in San Diego

ps. excellent work this week!

~ Dennis


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