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I.E. Compatibility Issues with Moodle 2.3
by Dennis OConnor - Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 12:58 PM

Folks I you are using Internet Explorer there are some issues you should be aware of. I just tested our Moodle using IE 11 and noticed that there were no editing features showing up when I tried to create Moodle activities or resources. 

A quick fix would be to switch browsers, but leaving your familiar browser adds one more layer of potential stress and confusion to the issue. I normally use Chrome which is crashing my desktop computer at the moment. So I had to switch to I.E. and felt for just a moment the frustration that I'm sure many of you are experiencing as you move from LMS to LMS and become more aware of the complexities of teaching online.

The solution to my I.E. problem lies in compatibility.  I used the compatibility feature of I.E. 11 to fix the editing feature issue.  Since I'm not at all familiar with I.E. in general (or IE ll in particular) I had to search the net for directions on how to find the compatibility settings and change them. 

Let me share my problem solving process.  Later in the class you'll get some intensive training in search techniques that will help you when you run into tech issues or curriculum issues.

I believe that most of the time I can solve my own problems by searching for answers on the net. You need good specific keywords to describe the problems. Most answers are just a few good questions away. Here are the questions I asked myself.

What version of Internet Explorer am I using? (checked IE settings / About Internet Explorer

What version of Moodle are we using? (I already knew we are using 2.3.  Added note to header in our class to help others.)

Are there known problems with Internet Explorer 11 and Moodle 2.3? (Used specific keywords to form the query  "Internet Explorer 11" Moodle 2 )

Based on my reading of search results I realized I needed change the compatibility settings. Also realized I.E. 11 doesn't do it the same way as earlier versions. I searched again for directions on how to set I.E. the I.E compatibility mode.

Here are the articles I used to get my IE Working


I.E .11 compatibility Mode.  This fixed things for me.  Also has enough info to help you if you are using earlier versions of I.E. and having troubles.

Reported compatibility issues of earlier versions of I.E.

Deeply Nerdy, but highly valuable thread from

These are not the best resources, but they were enough to get me a fix.  Indeed it's taken me far more time to write this overview than to fix the issue (I hope... who knows what happens next) 

The key is to turn this into an opportunity to learn about the world of teaching online. Workng online requires a tolerance for ambiguity.  LMS / Browsers / Software... nothing is ever perfectly stable. The more you work online, the greater your tolerance and efficiency becomes.  Procedures that take you an hour now will be done in 10 minutes once you are fluent in the concepts and technologies. 

Perseverence furthers!

I hope this helps!

Dennis in SD

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