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Teacher Role will be active beginning Saturday
by Becky Mather - Friday, June 28, 2013, 8:04 AM



team jumps with excitement

During Module 4 you will be fully empowered Moodle Teachers working in groups.

I want you to experience some of the Moodle Tools from the instructor's point of view. By Saturday you will all have been added as Teachers to our Moodle CMS. This means you can get your hands on the controls. Login and look around. Things will look a little different from your new point of view.

Check Module 4 in Moodle to see who is in your group.

Keep the following rules in mind.

Golden Rules of Teamwork: (Silence isn't Golden)

  • If you can't participate this week tell your group and instructor ASAP! DO NOT WAIT.

Lone Rangers:

If you won't be available for group work during the coming week be sure to let your team-mates and Instructors know! This will save your team-mates the frustration of working with a missing person. Missing group work without professional communication drives everyone CRAZY! 8)

~ Folks, group work can be either one of the best online learning experiences or one of the most frustrating. Clear, timely communications are the key!

~ Becky