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Other things to do in Module 3
by Becky Mather - Thursday, June 27, 2013, 9:44 AM

Don't overlook the Web 2.0 quiz in Module 3-- it's an easy open-book activity. Next week each of you will be creating your own quiz or survey, so this is a chance to see how it might look in Moodle. Give it a whirl- you are not graded on it, but it is a good opportunity to see various options for quiz questions.

And of course there is the self-evaluation survey for Mod 3, which is located back in D2L. This is the last self-eval you will do- I promise! I read those carefully when grading your work for the week.

As always, contact me or Naomi or ask the Collaborative Brain if you are flummoxed, bewildered or consternated.