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How to Handle: Agree, Like and Thank You Posts
by Naomi Orlovsky - Thursday, June 20, 2013, 5:41 PM

During this module, when replying to posts with a statement that just "agrees," "likes," and "thanks" someone, please change your subject line to:

NNTO: I agree 

NNTO: Like

NNTO: Thank you 

You would then place some character (such as an X) in the message section of the post to provide a value, but no message would be added.

By posting "NNTO," you are telling your colleagues who have numerous posts to open and read that there is "No Need To Open" the post.  You are then stating briefly in the subject line why there is NNTO: you "agree" with their post, you "like" their post, you are thanking them for their post.

This should provide the ability to remain polite and responsive, yet reduce the amount of discussion posts that need to be opened and read.  

This means of responding is not meant to encourage more of these affirming-types of posts.  It is to acknowledge that they do have a purpose, but take up space and reading time that can be reduced by using this process.  

During this course, we want to focus our time on the valued responses that bring about more meaning and depth to our conversations by utilizing the 8 Value Added Response Techniques.  

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NNTO Like and agree!
by Becky Mather - Thursday, June 20, 2013, 5:17 PM