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Moodle Groups- there are 3 this week
by Becky Mather - Thursday, June 20, 2013, 9:09 AM


collaborative group


In Module 3 you will be working in response groups.

You will see your teams by scrolling down the Moodle Home Page.

You should email each member of the group about your schedule during Module 3. If you will not be able to participate early in the week, tell your group now.

I can tell you from experience: If you disappear without a word, you will drive your teammates CRAZY!

Keep in mind:

  • You do not have to work together in real time (synchronously).
  • You do not have to collaborate on prompt development. 
  • However you are depending on each other to be willing participants in the forum discussion you create.
  • Do your best to post your discussion prompt early in the week.
  • Do your best to start your response posts early in the week.