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Conventions--2nd grader (first conventions piece)
by Crystal Conklin - Thursday, March 16, 2006, 8:16 PM
Most people went w/ a 3.  I don't get it.  Not a single thing under "3" on the rubric was met, in my opinion.  My rubric says that if two conditions under the number 1 are met, then we give it a 1, and I thought EVERY condition was met.  Are people grading based on what they expect a 2nd grader should be capable of rather than using the rubric?  Is it okay to do this?  Isn't that allowing bias the rubric is supposed to prevent?  Or am I being too harsh?  (I don't think it's extraordinarily harsh to call a beginning writer a beginner, is it? The whole point of this approach is that kids start as beginners and work their way up, right?)
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Re: Conventions--2nd grader (first conventions piece)
by Nita Daniels - Saturday, November 17, 2007, 1:46 PM
I am with you on this one. I think that growth begins with a strong and honest foundation. Labelling the writing where it is at is important. I also think that I hold my students to standards that are higher than many of colleagues do. I would rather mark them harsh and see them grow than mark them easy and see them stagnant or even flop. So, maybe I expect too much. When it comes to writing there is always room for some bias, even with rubrics.