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Uninvited Guests
by Crystal Conklin - Thursday, February 16, 2006, 10:39 AM

I'd been scoring right along with everyone else until I got to this piece.  I am the only person who gave it a five--most gave it a two!  That's a pretty big difference and I'm wondering why others graded it so much lower.  I thought the overall writing was hard to follow, but the idea seemed strong--it definitely kept my attention, and he stayed focused and on track.  I guess maybe I am trying to separate the traits out too much.  Maybe since the writing was hard to follow, that means the ideas could never be a five.  And I might be not separating out voice enough.  In hindsight, I'd go with a four.  That's still far different from a two!  I'd love to better understand the rationale for lower scoring....  Not only am I not on the same page, I'm in a different book....