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IMPORTANT Notes About Module 4 & The Rest of the Course
by Maggie Rouman - Sunday, January 22, 2017, 11:34 PM

Please keep track of any important links or resources, because you'll be creating your own e-portfolio for the final project of this course. We will begin work on the portfolio in Module 7. Also, SAVE THE DATE: On Wednesday, Feburary 15th at 8pm Central we will have a synchronous D2L chat about the portfolio. It's optional attendance. You'll be able to access the transcripts if you can't attend. In the past, students have found it helpful to be able to ask questions and share ideas in "real time." More details to follow

A few things about our final week in Moodle:

Jose & I will be in the student role. We will take everyone's assessment and give peer feeeback as well. 

Try to have your assessment posted by Wednesday to give everyone time to give peer feedback. Please give peer feedback to everyone in your group. 

Make sure you add your name to your assessment, so we know where to post peer reviews.

If you'd like, you can take the other groups' assessments (optional) and review. :-) It's always fun to see how differently everyone approaches creating assessments.


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