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I have answers for you!
by Maggie Rouman - Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 12:57 AM

Hi Troy,

Great questions! I  respond below:

Once posted, I noticed the link for some students' assessments have a green question mark before the post title, and for others the question mark is black. What is the difference, and does it matter? 

-The black is the symbol for a poll and the green is for a feedback survey.

 I also noticed some post titles are slightly indented to the right. I did this by pressing the "move right" icon as mentioned in the Lynda video, but does this make any kind of difference?


-It doesn't have to be indented. Moving right is not necessary. Makes no difference.

 Once finished creating the choice poll, at the very bottom I had the choice of " save and return to course" or "save and display." I chose the former. Does that matter and what is the difference?


-It doesn't make a difference

I hope this helps!


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