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Module 5 is Now Open---Back in D2L
by Maggie Rouman - Friday, May 27, 2016, 12:01 AM

Midterm: We're half way there. It goes fast, doesn't it? (If you haven't completed your Midterm Survey please do so now. You're feedback is much appreciated! I'll take your comments as formative feedback. I hope to use your ideas to make the course more effective.)

I am impressed by the group collaborations in Moodle the past two weeks. The teamwork experiences of Modules 3 & 4 give you a taste of the complex interactions, frustrations, and insights of working with your peers 'at a distance'. I hope the lessons learned will be incorporated into your professional practice. Let's say goodbye to Moodle for now. You can come back once the class is over and continue to play and examine all of Moodle's features. Moodle with be open to you for at least a year. In the meantime.... We're back in D2L!



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