Introduction: As a recent developer of a beta version online/e-learning blended training course, I noted that our students experienced challenges I had not anticipated when taking our initial classes, including difficulty with time management in a non face-to-face training environment.

Background of online reference: The Defense Acquisition University (DAU), established by a Department of Defense directive in 1991 (Wikipedia, 2012) developed a set of E-Learning "SurvivalTips" on the “Challenges of E-Learning” for its students. In this interactive site for students, DAU has listed four challenges and solutions to e Learning. According to Wikipedia, DAU supports close to 150,000 learners; because of the large volume of learners, their observations may be helpful for those of us developing online training.

What to do:

  1. Review the “Challenges of e-Learning” interactive page (here) and review the 4 major learner challenges as outlined by DAU by visiting their interactive site and clicking on the buttons to view each specific challenge and corresponding solution.
  2. Respond to the survey questions below.
10-25-2012 Please note: Somehow the attached survey was inadvertently modified  during the week; though survey questions 1-5 pertain to the topic, survey questions 7-11 do not; please ignore questions 7-11.  Thank you! Karla@NH