clipped images,computer screens,computers,connections,cropped images,cropped pictures,Earth,global,globes,icons,international,monitors,PCs,PNG,technologies,transparent background,worlds,worldwide,worldwide connectionsTwo studies, concerning online education, and technology use in colleges and universities were conducted by Pew Research Center and results were released in a report entitled: "The Digital Revolution and Higher Education".  Both college and university presidents and general public were surveyed.  Of the college/university presidents, 77% said that their schools offered online courses, yet only 29% of the public believed that online learning "comparable" in value to the learning that takes place in the traditional classroom.  Please read the report and rate, in your opinion, the extent to which these factors may have impacted the public's perception of online education.

Parker, Kim, Amanda Lenhart, and Kathleen Moore. "The Digital Revolution and Higher Education." Copyright 2013. Pew Research Center. (