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URL The Good Teacher
A parable about constructivist learning... wink
URL Diigo E-Learning for Educators Group
Direct LInk to our Diigo Group. Be sure to contribute!
Welcome to Class URL Editing Your Profile:

As a UW-Stout Student you have access to video tutorials.  Login using your D2L username and password! 

URL Manage Your Moodle:

Learn how to customize the look of your Moodle page. 

URL Moodle Course Overview:

This orientation video will help you see how the Moodle CMS works. 

URL Managing the Moodle Calendar:

Understand how the Moodle Calendar works. Personalize as needed.

URL Moodle Discussion Overview:

This video will quickly orient you to the Moodle Discussion system.

Module 3: Activities to Engage Online Learners URL Module 3 Introduction - Readings - Activities

three small ducks in a rowContent for Module 3 (Same as in D2L)

URL Mod 3 Activity 2 facilitate your discussion forum

Module Three: Activity 2

Activities to Engage Online Learners

Facilitate Your Own Moodle Discussion Forum

URL Contact your group members ASAP: The Golden Rules of Collaboration: (Silence isn't Golden)
The Golden Rules of Collaboration: (Silence isn't Golden)
Module 4: Welcome Moodle Teachers! URL Understanding Choice, Feedback, and Survey activities:

This overview of Moodle Assessment tools will help you get oriented to your new role as instructors.

URL Creating a Choice Activity

The Moodle Choice tool makes it easy to create a simple one question poll. 

URL Creating a customized Feedback activity

This is the first of six short videos explaining how to create a Moodle Feedback activity. 

URL Assessing Students with Tests and Quizzes

This link takes you to the first for 13 short video tutorials that will walk you through the process of creating a Moodle Quiz. (Run time 1hr 4min.) You are not expected to create a long test. Instead explore question types as you create a brief assessment on a topic that interests you. 

The Moodle Testing tools are powerful and complex. Choose this option if you are up for a technically challenging experience

Module 4: Assessment: Measuring Online Learning URL Module 4 Introduction - Reading - Activities

Module Four: Introduction

Assessment: Measuring Online Learning

URL Module 4 Activity: Create Your Moodle Assessment

Module Four: Activity 3

Assessment: Measuring Online Learning

Moodle: Assignments and Assessments

Mod 4 Group Work Area URL Multiple Intelligences In e-Learning: The Theory and Its Impact (Cyndy)

Please read the article and take the short quiz.

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