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General Announcements URL The Good Teacher
A parable about constructivist learning... wink
Page Customize your Moodle profile. (Add your picture!)

Add your picture if you haven't already done so!

URL Diigo E-Learning for Educators Group
Direct LInk to our Diigo Group. Be sure to contribute!
URL Diigo Help (Official Wiki)
Module 3: Activities to Engage Online Learners URL Contact your group members ASAP: The Golden Rules of Collaboration: (Silence isn't Golden)
The Golden Rules of Collaboration: (Silence isn't Golden)
File Web 2.0 Glossary (Review then take the quiz!)

Web 2.0 Glossary (Flash Based)

URL Module 3 Introduction - Readings - Activities

three small ducks in a rowContent for Module 3 (Same as in D2L)

URL Mod 3 Activity 2 facilitate your discussion forum

Module Three: Activity 2

Activities to Engage Online Learners

Facilitate Your Own Moodle Discussion Forum

Module 4: Assessment: Measuring Online Learning URL Module 4 Activity: Create Your Moodle Assessment

Module Four: Activity 3

Assessment: Measuring Online Learning

Moodle: Assignments and Assessments

URL Module 4 Introduction - Reading - Activities

Module Four: Introduction

Assessment: Measuring Online Learning

File Video Tutorial: Create a Quiz

Here's a process video to explain how you create a Moodle2 Quiz.

File Video Tutorial: Feedback Survey

A quick overview of the Feedback activity.

Mod 4: Moodle Instructor Help URL Moodle Online Documentation (use keyword search)
URL YouTube Moodle 2.3 Video Tutorials

Here's a direct link to the Moodle Tutorials on YouTube.

File How to highlight unread posts

Here's a brief video on how to edit your profile settings to display read/ unread posts. 

File Video: Moodle Icons Explained

A brief explanation of Moodle's editing icons. 

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