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General Announcements URL The Good Teacher
A parable about constructivist learning... wink
Page Customize your Moodle profile. (Add your picture!)

Add your picture if you haven't already done so!

URL Diigo E-Learning for Educators Group
Direct LInk to our Diigo Group. Be sure to contribute!
URL Diigo Help (Official Wiki)
URL Contact your group members ASAP: The Golden Rules of Collaboration: (Silence isn't Golden)
The Golden Rules of Collaboration: (Silence isn't Golden)
Page How to add a web link to your post

How to add a link

Module 3: Activities to Engage Online Learners File Web 2.0 Glossary (Review then take the quiz!)

Web 2.0 Glossary (Flash Based)

URL Module 3 Introduction - Readings - Activities

three small ducks in a rowContent for Module 3 (Same as in D2L)

URL Mod 3 Activity 2 facilitate your discussion forum

Module Three: Activity 2

Activities to Engage Online Learners

Facilitate Your Own Moodle Discussion Forum

Page Example of an outstanding Prompt

This forum topic was created by a former intern, Naomi Orlovsky. She chose to think "outside the box" for this, but this topic garnered the most discussion ever! This is provided as an example...

Module 4: Assessment: Measuring Online Learning URL Module 4 Introduction - Reading - Activities

Module Four: Introduction

Assessment: Measuring Online Learning

URL First Day :Getting It Right Survey

Module One:  Who are you? What do you Know? What do want out of this class?  How can I help you?

Assessment: Measuring where we are and where we want to go together

Moodle: Assignments and Assessments

The benefits of surveys are many.  During my years as an instructor, I take your comments and concerns very seriously because I am here to help you grow to your potential as well as accomplish your short and long term goals.  Please take a few moments to answer these questions thoughtfully, honestly, and realize I want to know you and what I can do to make this class as smooth and successful for you as possible.

1.  Is this your first online course?


2.  What kind of computer do you use?


3.  One being none to ten being excellent, what is your computer competency?


4.  How often do you use a computer and in what compacity?



5.  Do you prefer to work in groups or alone?______________________________


6.  What is your academic strength?  Weakness?



7.  Where do you see yourself professionally in five years?



8.  What do you want to learn in terms of technology ?



9.  What, if any, are your fears about taking an online class?


10.  What else do I need to know about you to help you?____________________________________________________________________



My name is April L. Kirkwood, M.Ed.  I am your instructor.  Below is my professional email and personal email.  Please feel free to contact me at any time or if you have questions.  Remember, there are no dumb questions and if you are wondering about something, probably a lot of your fellow classmates are as well.

Page How to switch roles in Moodle


File Video Tutorial: Create a Quiz

Here's a process video to explain how you create a Moodle2 Quiz.

File Video Tutorial: Feedback Survey

A quick overview of the Feedback activity.

Mod 4 Green Group URL Evidenc of Learning

Here is the text you will read before taking the quiz.

Mod 4 Purple Group URL Quiz-Go Where you grow- one

A brief quiz to assess your comprehension of the article for class.  Worth 10 points as a graded quiz.  

Mod 4: Moodle Instructor Help URL Moodle Online Documentation (use keyword search)
URL YouTube Moodle 2.3 Video Tutorials

Here's a direct link to the Moodle Tutorials on YouTube.

File How to highlight unread posts

Here's a brief video on how to edit your profile settings to display read/ unread posts. 

File Video: Moodle Icons Explained

A brief explanation of Moodle's editing icons. 

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